Ring Sling shoulders variation September 4, 2016 21:33


 Pleated shoulder is great for beginner, it helps to keep the fabric from spreading out too much. The shoulder area is between 6 to 7 inches wide and 3 to 5" where it leaves the rings. Ideally, it caps your shoulder from collarbone.The pleats help to even out the fabric that spreads all the way to your back for better weight distribution. The pleats only go in one direction, this still works for both left or right shoulder.



I am given the permission to make this shoulder style by the creator, Karen Hoppis. It is a hybrid between pleated and gathered shoulder. This is great for those who cant find the sweet spot with pleated and gathered. It is a modified gathered shoulder with pleats at both sides. It can be slightly overwhelming for those who are not used to wide shoulder ring sling style. 



A simple style, where it is simply stitched (folded) together with no pleats involved. The distance between the stitch to the rings is 4"to 5" depending on the wrap's thickness. Usually, wearers with wider shoulder prefer this style. You need to arrange the fabric on your shoulder when placing it so that the weight distribution is spread out nicely. 


Floating Eesti/Gathered

This shoulder style is the same as the ordinary (gathered/eesti). The only difference is the distance between the rings and the stitch (fold) is 10"-11" long. So you need to have more than enough extra length for you to get the right 'finished-length' ring sling. Wearers find this comfortable because it has double layer of fabric supporting their shoulder. This is great for toddlers or heavier babies.