Woven Reviews

CareRing Sling Rainbow Love by Audra November 7, 2015 17:42

Once again, thank you Afifah, Singapore's Homegrown woven wrap by CareRing Slings. We got

to try out the 4.3m Rainbow Love as well.

Upon receiving this tester, it was buttery soft and looks so much like a HW rather than a MW.

Little Princess set eyes on it and gave me a big big smile. With that, I guess it's UP time. Quick

up for milk! Please pardon the mess.

She was so comfy and felt weightless in DH while having her milk.

Look at the wonderful self pleating shoulder. Gorgeous.

Princess is now 20mths old, yes she has found her legs but she still very much prefers to be

wrap. Look at the sleepy dust. She was resisting a nap, so up she goes and voila.

Had to share this. Look at how beautiful this is.

I wasn't sure if I could pull off a FWCC with this thin airy wrap. But well, we were sending big

boy to school so here goes and wow. I don't feel her weight pulling me down at all and I could

tie off with a double know behind me.


This is so airy, it's easy to just use it anywhere. Morning runs to school. Marketing. The stretch

on the wrap makes it easy to bandage her and tighten easily. Yet provides great support even

on a knot less carry. So glam in a wet market!

I thought I don't need 1 of this since I got a shorty for my helper. But arrrggghhh someone

please buy my wraps. I need 1!

Definitely a wrap that is squish worthy and aaaawwweesome for toddlers. Little boy been

carried by helper alot lately as Princess been glued to me for ups with Rainbow Love. See that

face so comfy stick on my back.


AWESOME AWESOME this wrap is beautiful in every carry! Even in a FCC it is effortless.

Alright, mummy isn't too happy because this little bubba has snuck both his arms out to started

to be a wrap popper. Featherlight in here. So lesser wrap time for him. Signing off with all 3




West of Fourth Wrap Jubilee SG50 Flax weft by Jacqueline De Roza October 22, 2015 22:12

My almost 3 year old only wants to be carried in ring slings. So my most impt criteria for rs is that it must be comfy for one shoulder carry of this almost 14kg boy. I've tried various ring slings with linen, hemp etc & so far I've found flax to be the most supportive & comfortable. It's also thin & airy enough cos my boy sweats really easily. Plus it folds up small which is great cos he doesn't always want to be carried & I don't want to lug along too much bulky stuff. And it was soft right from the start, no breaking in needed! So soft, that my elder kid love to snuggle with it as in the photo!

CareRing Sling Woven Pearly Blossom by Jie Ying Koh October 22, 2015 22:05

Pearly Blossom Size 6

Wearer Experience - 2 years.

Wrap preference - Grippy wrap with a good amount of stretch. Prefer mid width to wider wraps. No preference to thick or thin wraps. Love HW and MW for various reasons. Favourite brands are Pavo and Bebesachi but has a secret love for Didymos Indios and recently Ninos.
Wrappee - 2.5 years old, almost 14kg

In a nutshell - This is a great beginner wrap with it's contrasting rails and budget friendly price (size 6 is $150 which is cheaper than most SSC brands). It glides well, does not have a lot of stretch, thin for our weather, soft out of the box, wraps very true to size. CareRing Sling have our SG babywearers in mind when designing this wrap. I will recommend this for new wearers looking for their first wrap. Experience wrappers with heavier babies will also enjoy this wrap as a multilayer carry. I hope with this wrap, there will be more babywearers wiling to take the plunge to start wrapping.

Detailed review

The design - When Afifah first showed me a sample, I fell in love with the Morroccan inspired design. I love the color combination of peach and black contrasting rails which I think will make the wrap looks like 2 different wraps depending on which rails are being wrapped on the top. There are no right or wrong side, one side is more shimmery while the other is more matte. The contrasting rails will also make it easier for new wearers to identify the top and bottom rails and make it less likely for them to twist the rails when wrapping. I have been hunting for a suitable and affordable wrap for my consultation and this wrap is exactly what I am looking for.

How it wraps - This wrap is quite densely woven and feels thin on hand. The density and it's thinness reminds me of my Vatanai Rubato which I love very much when I was a new wrapper. Though this is densely woven, it is not warm and very comfortable in our weather. It comes soft out of the box and will require no breaking in.
The passes glide effortlessly in a DH and the smoothness makes it easy to tighten the chest pass. There is a little stretch in this wrap, just the right amount for beginners. I am very used to wraps with a lot of stretch and would prefer more. However, most new wrapper will not be able to handle wraps that has a lot stretch.

How it feels when wrapped - I had this in DH and FCC on 4 separate occasions, ranging from 15 to 40 minutes each time. In a back carry, I will not call this wrap cushy but it's very comfortable, with no pressure point and not diggy at all. The ruck strap pleats nicely on my shoulders, so I guess that is what makes the wrap comfortable. During the period that I wore my child, I experience no sagging even though I was tying at taper end. The wrap is very easy to manipulate so this will be nice for people who want to try fancy finishes in back carry.
In FCC, I can feel some strain on my shoulders which is expected since my child is 14kg and no longer weightless in front carries for most wraps. If I need to carry for longer period in front carry, I will use FWCC with the rails spread out to help distribute the weight etter.

Who will I recommend this for - this is definitely a good buy for beginners. The 64cm width makes it easy to create seat for squish and toddler alike. The wrap comes with a simple tying instruction of FWCC which can help kick start your wrapping adventure. For the experience wrapper, you will like this as a beater wrap, a wrap for you to take to the park, the beach without fear of getting stains. For mothers with heavier babies, I will suggest getting this in base size for multiple layer carries.

Other notes - The taper of the wrap is slightly shorter (20 cm) than most of the wraps that I am familiar with (Pavo, Bebe Sachi, Didymos and Vatanai- most at 25cm or longer). This is not a deal breaker though I am more used to longer tapers simply because I am at the borderline size for using size 6 as a base size wrap, so the longer taper helps me to cheat and avoid buying size 7. The wrap was sold at 4.8m and measure 4.83m post wear and wraps true to size. I had to tie at taper end while most of my other wraps still have a few more cm of allowance - one of the didymos size 6 which I tried measure at around 4.94m. Therefore, if you are like me (being borderline of your base size), already tying at taper end for your other wraps, you might want to consider buying a size up.

Finally, I want to congratulate Nur Afifah Mokhtiaruddin for creating this wrap that I think will encourage more people to take up wrapping. I look forward to more of Carering Slings woven wraps.

CareRing Sling Rainbow Love by Dot Shuhaini October 16, 2015 12:20

This came to me in a size 5. Comparing it to Pearly Blossom, Rainbow Love is more airy and a tad bit more floofy. At first glance, looks a lot like a Handwoven with heart weave! The colors are pretty and pops up. Has some amount of grip due to the floating threads.

Rainbow love is easy to wrap with. It has just the right amount of diagonal stretch. Not too much, so it is suitable for newbies. Just the right amount of stretch means that tightening strand by strand is easy and because of the slight grip that it has, everything stays in place.

I tried this with my 8 mnths old niece (arnd 8-9kg) in a fwcc & dh and felt comfortable on the shoulders. No digginess. Then i tried it on my 9 year old (18kg) in a ruck with knotless finish. I tried with the big kid for about 10-15 mins and it was still ok for me. It didn't feel like the wrap was digging into my shoulder. It is a supportive wrap.

Rainbow love is a wrap that would be great to wrap your newborn in right until toddlerhood. It is a perfect entry level wrap; beautiful rainbow & looks like a handwoven! I would recommend getting this in your base size so that you can do a multilayer carry with toddlers.

Thanks CareRing Sling for the opportunity!!


West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap by Sharh ZA October 16, 2015 10:18

I am so grateful and thankful for Afifah for this chance to get to try on this lovely wrap.

As I received, it's already soft in hand and if i wasn't be reminded, I won't guess it's a linen blend.. it's so soft and thin in hands too and I had 'that' impression of it could sag once I carry my 10kg girl. I love it's earthy colour.

I first tried on DoubleHammock and it scrap off my 1st impression. It has a beautiful amount of stretch, it glides smoothly on passes. It's a no-brainer wrap, so easy to manipulate. will be great for a beginner wrapper, imho.

It's mouldable and it wraps well. I don't feel 10kg baby on my back. Wore it for almost 2 hours for grocery shopping and it stay put despite of Sofea bouncing when her brother teased her. I have no problem or don't need any re-tie. As I wore it in mall, it's cause me no sweat at all. Cushy on my 

I had the chance of getting my 16kg boy in it at home for his meltdown time. But sorry, no picture here. Wrap him in a ruck tie in front with extra careful wrapping. We went up and down the stairs, out to our yard for laundry and he keeps jumping and bouncing on my back. It's magically supported him well. He wasn't sag and he stayed high on the back.

This is great for baby and toddler. The width is just nice for toddler and not too overwhelming for baby. We loved it so much. Nancy is surely has that magic hands to produce magic wrap!


CareRing Sling Rainbow Love by Alle Koh October 7, 2015 12:58

After seeing photos of the rainbow wrap from CareRing Sling, I am very excited and interested to try out our first Singapore made wrap.  my wish is fulfilled when Afifah puts me on the list of testers. When I first received the wrap, my first impression is the wrap is very thin and light. I love the wrap as it's very colourful and beautiful. I was wondering if it can hold my bubba who is 11kg well. 

Wrappee : 13 months and 11kg
Carry: Double Hammock I wrap my bubba at home for a good 20 mins.
it's so easy to make the passes with this wrap. It's very supportive and I can hardly feel the weight of my bubba. I don't feel warm wearing my bubba after 20 mins. I believe the thinness of the wrap is a factor to it. Although it's thin, it's very cushy on my picky shoulders. I love how supportive and airy this wrap is. I didn't perspire a single bit and that's very applauding for our Singapore weather. The only thing I hope is that the tails are not tapered as it makes it difficult for me to tie a sturdy knot.

Conclusion : I will highly recommend this wrap for its value for money quality. I am absolutely in love with its wrapping quality. Light, airy and supportive! This is a big milestone for our Singapore wrap industry. A wrap we can call our own!


CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom by Jasmine Seow September 16, 2015 12:39

I have seen the photos and reviews of Pearly Blossom, and was very excited when I was asked if I would be interested to host the wrap. In the 3years I am wrapping, I have tried many wraps from different countries and am really honored to have the opportunity to wrap with a woven by our very own Singaporean mama. First impressions: The color of the wrap is right up my alley. The peachy pink will look great on most Asian skin tone. I was not so sure about the black jacquard design on one side of the rail at first, just because I usually prefer light or bright colors. But I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty the contrast of the pink and black looked when wrapped. Having travelled for quite a bit, the wrap is already well broken in and feels soft and moldable. It felt medium thick in hand and has a fair amount of stretch.

Carry: Double Hammock Wearee: 1yo, 9kg I wrapped my boy in our go-to carry for a trip to the playground with my eldest. Though I can feel the texture of the pattern when I ran my hand through the wrap, it was not grippy at all and glided beautifully when I was making the second pass. I was able to achieve a high back pass with little effort. There is moderate amount of stretch so getting a neat and snug chest pass was easy too. The carry held well in a single knot throughout the 1 hour we were wearing. There was no need for readjusting and we were comfortable throughout the time we were chasing around after his sister at the playground. The density and weave of the wrap is suitable for outdoor wearing in our tropical weather. We weren’t overheated even though we were running around in the hot morning sun.

Carry: RRRR Wearee: 3yo, 14kg I always like to try a wrap with my eldest to determine if a wrap is supportive enough for me. So I put my girl up in Pearly Blossom for one of the carries in the 30 carries challenge that was happening in our local babywearing group. She was wiggling and bouncing up and down throughout the 15min we were wearing but the carry still felt comfortable enough on my shoulders. I could feel some of her weight on my shoulders but there wasn’t any painful strain. I wasn’t able to test it for a longer period of time as my girl asked to come down soon after. Conclusion: This is a value-for-money wrap, nice wrap qualities and beautiful design and I will recommend it for new wrappers as it is easy to handle, and the contrasting rails makes it easy to learn new carries. I personally prefer this wrap in a base size carry than a shorty carry. Overall, well done Afifah for producing this quality wrap and looking forward to more wraps by Careringsling!

CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom By Nani Shahida Sehat September 1, 2015 12:07

My humble aka forever noob review:

I was very excited to try Pearly Blossom from CareRing sling when I first saw the picture of the wrap in my fb wall. The pattern was unique. My first impression when my husband saw it was “wow! stylo!”
I really love the colour combinations. The peach colour was so soft and the print on the black colour part was stunning. I will definitely bring this wrap to any formal occasion.
I initially tried double hammock carry with my 2years old, 10kgs toddler then fwcc with my 3.5 years old 13kgs toddler. This medium thickness wrap was super easy to wrap with. It was easy to handle as I was comfortable with the width. The wrap was mouldable, glides smoothly with little effort. It has fairly good amount of stretch and bounce. The wrap was airy and perfect for hot weather in Malaysia and Singapore. It was so soft and spongey with perfect cush on my shoulders. The chest pass felt snug and definitely this wrap was very supportive.
I love this wrap. Felt honoured to test this one of a kind wrap. Well done Nur Afifah Mokhtiaruddin and CareRing sling!

CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom Review by Kristi Ligaya August 31, 2015 15:53

Care Ring Sling Pearly Blossom
I recently had the opportunity to host Care Ring Sling’s Pearly Blossom - a 100% cotton woven
wrap. I had no idea what to expect. As soon as I removed it from the bag, I thought, “Wow! This is
beautiful.” A gorgeous peach color with a subtle design contrasted by an elegant black jacquard
weave of leaves and vines down the length of one rail. It felt soft, lightweight and thin in-hand.
Needless to say, I was excited to road test this beauty. I quickly made a list of all the errands I
needed to do and got my little ones ready to go. I wrapped my 10 kg 14 month old in my favorite
go-to carry, a double hammock. Pearly Blossom was so easy to wrap with. The passes glided into
place and tightening was effortless.
For the next 2 hours, I carried my little one on a number of errands both outside and indoors.
Pearly Blossom proved to be the perfect choice. It stayed put without sagging. It was extremely
comfortable and supportive with plenty of cush on the shoulders. Usually, when outdoors in the
heat and humidity, I hurry to get into A/C, but I was comfortable in Pearly Blossom and my little one
was so content, I took my time, even stopping to take lots of babywearing selfies along the way.
For a week, I tested Pearly Blossom using different carries including DH, DH CCCB, DH poppins,
FWCC, and FCC. I wasn’t disappointed. Care Ring Sling has created a wrap with wonderful
wrapping qualities ideal for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. It is aesthetically appealing,
lightweight and breathable, with plenty of support and cush for picky shoulders. I am absolutely
delighted that I had the opportunity to test out Care Ring Sling’s first woven wrap and I am looking
forward to more to come!

CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom By Audra August 26, 2015 17:07

We were very honoured to test Singapore's First Homegrown woven wrap by CareRing Slings. I was very excited to try out the 4.3m Pearly Blossom.

When I received this tester wrap, my first thoughts "Wow the elegance it exhibits". When I removed it from the bag, it felt quite thick but was very smooth and soft in texture.  Little Princess insisted on a UP right away I  this very "cantik and atas" wrap. The peach pink was simply alluring and could go with almost any natural or pastel tones. The black motif designs looks ready to jazz up any occasion even that fancy gala dinner.

Pearly Blossom feels effortless with my 18.5 months old Princess. On a ruck, it felt so easy to achieve a high back and it feels so supportive with this 11kg Princess. Even with a FCC for a quick wrap nap, it held up very well. Definitely not diggy and was really cushy. With the crazy hazy weather and heat, it was surprisingly airy and cool despite the tight weave.

This is 1 wrap I would love to own. The elegance it exhibits, easily adjustable. Both sides of the wrap is simply gorgeous. Grippy yet passes glides easily. Holds up very well even with a half knot. Definitely toddler worthy. Makes one obsessed with getting perfect folds to show the side of the wrap you love most!

On a side note, we achieved sleepy dust every time.

CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom By Rivr Wee August 19, 2015 11:31

CareRing Sling’s First Woven Wrap
Pearly Blossom Tester
Fibre: 100% cotton
Width: 67cm
Length: 4.3m
Weight: about 270gm/m2
Wrappee: 16 months, 9kg

I felt honoured to be one of the testers for Singapore’s first woven wrap – Pearly Blossom by CareRing Sling. I can hardly describe that sense of pride when I see the care instruction tag for the first time. One of the lines read “Singapore” =)

My first impression when I saw Pearly Blossom’s pictures was: Oh wow, the jacquard weave design looks elegant! I liked that black lacy looking flower pattern and peach moroccan pattern!

And when Pearly Blossom first arrived, I was utterly fascinated by her because she really managed to look different on both sides and rails! Personally, I feel that wraps are not beginner friendly if it is hard to identity the one rail from the other. But Pearly Blossom will definitely a beginner friendly wrap since her two rails are in high contrast and 100% cotton meant that she is easy to care for.

The black flower pattern is darker on the reverse side. There is also a captivating shimmer to the peach moroccan pattern on the reverse side. Personally, I feel that when wrapping with the reverse side out, she is a perfect fit for formal or glamourous occasions. When wrapping with the right side out where the peach moroccan pattern is matt, she gives a less formal or casual feel. What I am trying to say here is that she is going to have different looks depending on which side/rail you wrap with. It is like owning one wrap with the looks of many!




I have some experience wrapping with machine wovens (e.g. Little Frog, Oscha, Tehkni, Didymos, Yaro, Fidella, etc.). All felt very different even when they are 100% cotton. I remembered some gave me a shock for being not airy/breathable, stiff and required much effort to break in even after the first wash.

Pearly Blossom felt nothing like any of the machine wovens I have wrapped with before! I was her second tester who was expecting her to be pretty stiff still. But when I first touched her, I can hardly wrap my head around how so blankety yet cooling to touch, so soft/floppy yet supportive, so new yet broken she can be at this early stage! Immediately, I pm-ed Afifah for her specifications and confirmed that Pearly Blossom IS indeed machine woven, 100% cotton and 270gm/m2.

Our first up with my 9kg toddler in FWCC felt awesome! That was the first time I finally understood what it meant by “a wrap that wraps herself”! So mouldable, she felt like second skin to me. Her passes glide effortlessly into place, yet she is not slippery and has the perfect amount of grip which did not budge or require retightening once in position. She has just the right amount of stretch which makes it easy to work out any slack. Being blankety did indeed translate into her being cushy. Yet, she is amazingly breathable, which is great for our hot and humid weather.

During her one-week stay with us, we tested her in single layer and multi-layer carries such as FWCC, FWCC TAS, FCC, CHCC, RTIF for varying durations of time up to 3 hours. I found all carries to be comfortable and not diggy on the shoulders. Pearly Blossom being so soft, supportive and cushy, I can imagine her to be perfect for newborn through toddlerhood even in single layer carries for extended periods of time. LO was so cosy and enjoyed numerous wrap naps in the sleepy dust loaded Pearly Blossom =) The only cons is that she is not here to stay with us =( Onward she must go, to spread the love of babywearing =)






CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom by Rita Rahayu (quick review) August 18, 2015 15:10

It’s almost bedtime but Aariz could not resist a quick uppy with mama! I don’t know the specs for this wrap but it feels like a 270 to 290 gsm to me, combination jacquard weave which i don’t see in any machine woven wrap before with a somewhat moorish touch. I wasn’t too sure about the colour and design combination at first but once worn it looks very pretty lar! Alysha commented by saying she liked the peachy colour! Anyhow, wrapping wise was super easy. Moldable, easy to handle, felt like a seasoned wrap. Has this been washed btw? What kind of cotton is this? Chest pass was a breeze, glides smoothly with very little effort. Nice diagonal give, felt comfy on my shoulders even for someone carrying a 14kg+ tod! I think it’s even better than the aquaria pavoform i have (serious!). Coz that felt diggy on my shoulders after a while. I honestly think this wrap would appeal to both noobs and existing wrappers. The only teensy problem i had was i needed a bit more width but honestly that’s mainly because i’m so used to wider wraps! Well done Afifah, i like it lar! Aariz likes it too from the looks of it!



CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom by Faith Christian August 14, 2015 18:26

CareRing Sling’s First Woven Wrap – Pearly Blossom Tester (100% cotton)
Width: 67cm, Length: 430cm, weight: 830g, 288 gm/m2
Afifah’s 270gm/m2
Wrappees: 2.5yo: 98cm, 14kg and 12mo: 78cm, 10+kg

(*Cliff notes can be found in the 2 paragraphs marked with * below.)

I was beyond excited and honoured when Afifah from CareRing Sling had invited me to be her very
first tester of the first woven wrap to be launched in Singapore, and when she sent me a picture of
Pearly Blossom, I was like, WOW, that beautiful contrast!

When Pearly Blossom first arrived, I was intrigued by her design and colour and that Shimmer,
especially on the reverse side! Her contrast in real life really fascinated me, I liked both sides of the
wrap and both the top and bottom rails too, and I could imagine her having very different looks
when wrapped. In hand, she was medium in weight and felt soft, smooth with a little texture, and
was already slightly floppy and surprisingly cool to the touch. She felt snuggly soft like a blanket too.

Afifah had not told me Pearly Blossom’s measurements or blend, I was curious about her blend so
had contacted Afifah after she arrived and asked her what blend she was. She told me it was cotton, and I proceeded to check with her 3 times that day if it’s really just all cotton. It doesn’t feel like any other all cotton wraps I have wrapped with before, in a really good way. There was a spongy feel to itwhich I imagined would be cushy on my shoulders when wrapped!

The first up we had was with my 98cm tall, 14kg toddler in a ruck, who was not a very willing
wrapper in the week that we were hosting this tester so he was up for less than half an hour. Let’s just say he was challenging the wrap with his flailing arms, kicking legs and bobbing head in the time that he was up and my shoulders were still pretty happy and we didn’t even lose too much tautness of our wrap job, I was immediately impressed.

Next up was with my very curious, mega-leaner, leg-kicker 78cm, 10+kg baby in a DH tif for around an hour, and Pearly Blossom stood up well to my baby’s acrobatics and still managed to practically wrap by herself, with passes gliding effortlessly into place with a nice amount of stretch and a gentle bounce, though I did have some difficulty tightening with that first knot as I love my knots really super tight and it required quite some effort to do so. But once I had my double knots in place, the carry felt sturdy in a mouldable kind of way, like it was a part of me. The chest pass felt so snug yet breathable and baby and I were in total comfort for that first up. Aesthetically, I felt like I was ready to go out on a special date with my husband! That is how beautiful this wrap is, even more so when wrapped! And this wrap pleats and sandwiches neatly pretty much by itself, perfect for those with OCD. ☺

Throughout her week’s stay, we tested her in a variety of single layer and multi-layer carries such as FWCC, FCC, BWCC, DHs and rucks with different variations, RHC, IOCHCC, and CHCC for varying durations of time, up to 2.5 hour for the DHs. I found all carries to be comfortable, though I did enjoy the cush and support of Pearly Blossom most in the variety of DHs that we tried and also in a FWCC. I could also imagine her to be perfect for younger babies, even in single layer carries for extended periods of time. I also found Pearly Blossom to be curiously breathable, though she feels cushy, which is good for the warmer climates, like Singapore.

Pearly Blossom was glide perfection, not slippery, but tightening was almost effortless and resulted in near perfect passes. And with her nice stretch, it was easy to work out any slack in the wrap. I had mentioned earlier that I had difficulty tightening the knots for this wrap but interestingly in a
contradictory way, in the slip knots that I had tried, tying one was effortless and it wasn’t as grippy as I thought it would be (I am a huge fan of grip and tight knots ☺). Though that “lock-in-place” was
missing, I did not find the need to retighten and this quality actually worked well for my baby who
signs for milk ever so often as I could very easily loosen the medium sized slip-knots to lower him to nurse and tighten again when he is done. After she left us, we concluded that the mystery of her
being difficult to tie off in knots but not being totally grippy, could be because of her top (almost half) rail with the flower patterns being more textured than her bottom rail.

* Pearly Blossom being mouldable with a fairly good amount of stretch and bounce and somewhat
cushy and supportive yet being airy and breathable will be an easy-going and fluid wrap that both
beginner and experienced wrappers will enjoy. And being all cotton, she is such an easy to care for
wrap. However, this wrap might not be for you if you like your wraps to be heavily textured and
extremely grippy.

* Personally I would recommend one to get this wrap in a longer length even though she does work
pretty well in short carries as she has the MOST gloriously pretty swishy tails I have ever seen in a
wrap! And if you love to neatly sandwich and pleat your wraps, this wrap is perfection for that. ☺
With the high contrast of this wrap, you can easily achieve different looks with wrapping with either
the top or bottom rail up and with the right or reverse side, and in different carries; it is like owning
multiple wraps in one, truly.

We have enjoyed Pearly Blossom’s stay very much, at least I did, my husband is not yet convinced
that my son, with his round and huge eyes, should be wrapped up in a flowery wrap with coral
pinks. She was very comfortable for me and my younger baby and I am already missing her.
We are very thankful, honoured and humbled to have had the privilege to be the first to test this
beautiful wrap by CareRing Sling and we are looking excitedly forward to her launch. Massive
heartfelt congratulations to Afifah on her new product’s launch!

Photos credit to Munn and Faith Christian

West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap by Debbie Wee August 14, 2015 16:48

The first impression:
Nice packaging in a box, came with care instructions and some basic carries. I liked the pinstripey gradation look. I don't normally like brown but it really is the epitome of earth.

The feel:
Soft, so extremely soft and it felt thin in hand.

The design:
Warp colors consists of soft gradation of beige, brown, orange, burgundy. Weft color seems silver-greyish with a brilliant sheen. I thought it was very gender neutral and classy.

The experience:
Our go to carry is double hammock tied in front. It was moldable and easy to tighten. It forms a nice thin bunch on my shoulders and didn't feel warm in the heat.
However, as I'm carrying almost 14kg on my back for close to an hour, I could feel the strain on the shoulders. Worst if not spread properly.

The conclusion:
Nancy always delivers. The rails is unhemmed so you can see the raw selvedges which is perfect. The tiny tactile 'w' as a middle marker is totally adorable.
I would highly recommend this to a beginner wrapper, it's very easy to wrap with and not overwhelming as the wrap is not dense. But it's probably not for moms with heavy weights like mine.

West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap by Rebecca Ang (quick review) August 13, 2015 16:02

Wrap name: West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap
Weft : Flax weft 

First impression of the wrap is that it doesn't feel like a cottonlin blend. Soft to touch.
Comfy on the shoulders with a 16mo toddler.


DH in this, very supportive. My boy feels weightless! The wrap is also very mouldable. Easy to get the 2nd pass up



West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap by Deneuve Shauna Tan August 13, 2015 15:51

Wrap name: West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap
Weft : Flax weft 

Ace. So comfy!
Felt really soft and thin in hand when I first got it. We only managed our first up today in this wrap. Definitely feels different from other cottonlin wraps that I have tried. I have tried other thin cotton wraps but they've gotten diggy even in a FWCC. So far, it feels great on my shoulders.

Little girl screaming makes for a bad wrapping day.
But nonetheless, she was weightless in a DH and it was comfortable on my shoulders. 
Tightening the chest pass took some effort on my part with a screaming and kicking baby on my back. Could have done better with the chest pass and the last pass over her back. Still a solid DH


I'm not the biggest fan of FCC as the weight distribution doesn't work as well for me. But this is surprisingly comfortable for me. Flipped the shoulders so that the wrap doesn't overwhelm this little one.

West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap by Samantha Lee August 13, 2015 15:40

Wrap name: West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap
Weft : Flax weft 

I have just received the tester and someone is excited to unbox
smile emoticon Nice clean looking package with a lovely brochure for front and ruck carry and ring sling use. Definitely like the washcare instructions as some wraps don't come with such tips

Beautifully soft in hand. If you told me there's linen in this, I would have said no way! I had to get prepping to go out, so he gets up in a DH. When I made the seat it felt generously wide for my 9.5mth old and passes glide easily across and with nice soft stretch after the carry is done, the type that just lets you blow your lungs up and gently settles in comfort. I'm not a huge fan of crinkles on my linen and hemp wraps, so the drape on this is just lovely.


Lights out for wrapee. Wide and just the right thickness for cushy shoulder straps. Wrapee has moved twice against this carry so I loosened it a little but it doesn't sag much


The Terracotta tones grows on you and I find that the reddish tones are flattering if you are not very fair. Trying a DH with Xena's ruckless finish, the reds are definitely the best part.

Took the wrap for our morning school run; the walk to school and home, which has 2 ascending roads and a steep ascending stone ramp to the lift lobby. Seat is solid and wearing my 9.5month old abt 9kg is not a problem at all. Slight stretch that showed my shoulders the weight of the baby, but not uncomfortable. Here we are enjoying the morning breeze on the roof


This is a beautifully hand woven, which works well for the inbetween-infant-toddler baby, and I think wonderful for babies being so soft, unexpected of flax and lyocell, and possibly will be great as a shorty too. I'm running at the back o
f some mamas who tested before me, so not sure if there's any breaking in needed or it's just that awesome. Middle marker, umm, sometimes a little hard to find since the similar colour pin stripes runs close to it, but I don't think more should be added to it either so that it remains comfortable.