CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom by Rita Rahayu (quick review) August 18, 2015 15:10

It’s almost bedtime but Aariz could not resist a quick uppy with mama! I don’t know the specs for this wrap but it feels like a 270 to 290 gsm to me, combination jacquard weave which i don’t see in any machine woven wrap before with a somewhat moorish touch. I wasn’t too sure about the colour and design combination at first but once worn it looks very pretty lar! Alysha commented by saying she liked the peachy colour! Anyhow, wrapping wise was super easy. Moldable, easy to handle, felt like a seasoned wrap. Has this been washed btw? What kind of cotton is this? Chest pass was a breeze, glides smoothly with very little effort. Nice diagonal give, felt comfy on my shoulders even for someone carrying a 14kg+ tod! I think it’s even better than the aquaria pavoform i have (serious!). Coz that felt diggy on my shoulders after a while. I honestly think this wrap would appeal to both noobs and existing wrappers. The only teensy problem i had was i needed a bit more width but honestly that’s mainly because i’m so used to wider wraps! Well done Afifah, i like it lar! Aariz likes it too from the looks of it!