West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap by Samantha Lee August 13, 2015 15:40

Wrap name: West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap
Weft : Flax weft 

I have just received the tester and someone is excited to unbox
smile emoticon Nice clean looking package with a lovely brochure for front and ruck carry and ring sling use. Definitely like the washcare instructions as some wraps don't come with such tips

Beautifully soft in hand. If you told me there's linen in this, I would have said no way! I had to get prepping to go out, so he gets up in a DH. When I made the seat it felt generously wide for my 9.5mth old and passes glide easily across and with nice soft stretch after the carry is done, the type that just lets you blow your lungs up and gently settles in comfort. I'm not a huge fan of crinkles on my linen and hemp wraps, so the drape on this is just lovely.


Lights out for wrapee. Wide and just the right thickness for cushy shoulder straps. Wrapee has moved twice against this carry so I loosened it a little but it doesn't sag much


The Terracotta tones grows on you and I find that the reddish tones are flattering if you are not very fair. Trying a DH with Xena's ruckless finish, the reds are definitely the best part.

Took the wrap for our morning school run; the walk to school and home, which has 2 ascending roads and a steep ascending stone ramp to the lift lobby. Seat is solid and wearing my 9.5month old abt 9kg is not a problem at all. Slight stretch that showed my shoulders the weight of the baby, but not uncomfortable. Here we are enjoying the morning breeze on the roof


This is a beautifully hand woven, which works well for the inbetween-infant-toddler baby, and I think wonderful for babies being so soft, unexpected of flax and lyocell, and possibly will be great as a shorty too. I'm running at the back o
f some mamas who tested before me, so not sure if there's any breaking in needed or it's just that awesome. Middle marker, umm, sometimes a little hard to find since the similar colour pin stripes runs close to it, but I don't think more should be added to it either so that it remains comfortable.