West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap by Debbie Wee August 14, 2015 16:48

The first impression:
Nice packaging in a box, came with care instructions and some basic carries. I liked the pinstripey gradation look. I don't normally like brown but it really is the epitome of earth.

The feel:
Soft, so extremely soft and it felt thin in hand.

The design:
Warp colors consists of soft gradation of beige, brown, orange, burgundy. Weft color seems silver-greyish with a brilliant sheen. I thought it was very gender neutral and classy.

The experience:
Our go to carry is double hammock tied in front. It was moldable and easy to tighten. It forms a nice thin bunch on my shoulders and didn't feel warm in the heat.
However, as I'm carrying almost 14kg on my back for close to an hour, I could feel the strain on the shoulders. Worst if not spread properly.

The conclusion:
Nancy always delivers. The rails is unhemmed so you can see the raw selvedges which is perfect. The tiny tactile 'w' as a middle marker is totally adorable.
I would highly recommend this to a beginner wrapper, it's very easy to wrap with and not overwhelming as the wrap is not dense. But it's probably not for moms with heavy weights like mine.