CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom by Faith Christian August 14, 2015 18:26

CareRing Sling’s First Woven Wrap – Pearly Blossom Tester (100% cotton)
Width: 67cm, Length: 430cm, weight: 830g, 288 gm/m2
Afifah’s 270gm/m2
Wrappees: 2.5yo: 98cm, 14kg and 12mo: 78cm, 10+kg

(*Cliff notes can be found in the 2 paragraphs marked with * below.)

I was beyond excited and honoured when Afifah from CareRing Sling had invited me to be her very
first tester of the first woven wrap to be launched in Singapore, and when she sent me a picture of
Pearly Blossom, I was like, WOW, that beautiful contrast!

When Pearly Blossom first arrived, I was intrigued by her design and colour and that Shimmer,
especially on the reverse side! Her contrast in real life really fascinated me, I liked both sides of the
wrap and both the top and bottom rails too, and I could imagine her having very different looks
when wrapped. In hand, she was medium in weight and felt soft, smooth with a little texture, and
was already slightly floppy and surprisingly cool to the touch. She felt snuggly soft like a blanket too.

Afifah had not told me Pearly Blossom’s measurements or blend, I was curious about her blend so
had contacted Afifah after she arrived and asked her what blend she was. She told me it was cotton, and I proceeded to check with her 3 times that day if it’s really just all cotton. It doesn’t feel like any other all cotton wraps I have wrapped with before, in a really good way. There was a spongy feel to itwhich I imagined would be cushy on my shoulders when wrapped!

The first up we had was with my 98cm tall, 14kg toddler in a ruck, who was not a very willing
wrapper in the week that we were hosting this tester so he was up for less than half an hour. Let’s just say he was challenging the wrap with his flailing arms, kicking legs and bobbing head in the time that he was up and my shoulders were still pretty happy and we didn’t even lose too much tautness of our wrap job, I was immediately impressed.

Next up was with my very curious, mega-leaner, leg-kicker 78cm, 10+kg baby in a DH tif for around an hour, and Pearly Blossom stood up well to my baby’s acrobatics and still managed to practically wrap by herself, with passes gliding effortlessly into place with a nice amount of stretch and a gentle bounce, though I did have some difficulty tightening with that first knot as I love my knots really super tight and it required quite some effort to do so. But once I had my double knots in place, the carry felt sturdy in a mouldable kind of way, like it was a part of me. The chest pass felt so snug yet breathable and baby and I were in total comfort for that first up. Aesthetically, I felt like I was ready to go out on a special date with my husband! That is how beautiful this wrap is, even more so when wrapped! And this wrap pleats and sandwiches neatly pretty much by itself, perfect for those with OCD. ☺

Throughout her week’s stay, we tested her in a variety of single layer and multi-layer carries such as FWCC, FCC, BWCC, DHs and rucks with different variations, RHC, IOCHCC, and CHCC for varying durations of time, up to 2.5 hour for the DHs. I found all carries to be comfortable, though I did enjoy the cush and support of Pearly Blossom most in the variety of DHs that we tried and also in a FWCC. I could also imagine her to be perfect for younger babies, even in single layer carries for extended periods of time. I also found Pearly Blossom to be curiously breathable, though she feels cushy, which is good for the warmer climates, like Singapore.

Pearly Blossom was glide perfection, not slippery, but tightening was almost effortless and resulted in near perfect passes. And with her nice stretch, it was easy to work out any slack in the wrap. I had mentioned earlier that I had difficulty tightening the knots for this wrap but interestingly in a
contradictory way, in the slip knots that I had tried, tying one was effortless and it wasn’t as grippy as I thought it would be (I am a huge fan of grip and tight knots ☺). Though that “lock-in-place” was
missing, I did not find the need to retighten and this quality actually worked well for my baby who
signs for milk ever so often as I could very easily loosen the medium sized slip-knots to lower him to nurse and tighten again when he is done. After she left us, we concluded that the mystery of her
being difficult to tie off in knots but not being totally grippy, could be because of her top (almost half) rail with the flower patterns being more textured than her bottom rail.

* Pearly Blossom being mouldable with a fairly good amount of stretch and bounce and somewhat
cushy and supportive yet being airy and breathable will be an easy-going and fluid wrap that both
beginner and experienced wrappers will enjoy. And being all cotton, she is such an easy to care for
wrap. However, this wrap might not be for you if you like your wraps to be heavily textured and
extremely grippy.

* Personally I would recommend one to get this wrap in a longer length even though she does work
pretty well in short carries as she has the MOST gloriously pretty swishy tails I have ever seen in a
wrap! And if you love to neatly sandwich and pleat your wraps, this wrap is perfection for that. ☺
With the high contrast of this wrap, you can easily achieve different looks with wrapping with either
the top or bottom rail up and with the right or reverse side, and in different carries; it is like owning
multiple wraps in one, truly.

We have enjoyed Pearly Blossom’s stay very much, at least I did, my husband is not yet convinced
that my son, with his round and huge eyes, should be wrapped up in a flowery wrap with coral
pinks. She was very comfortable for me and my younger baby and I am already missing her.
We are very thankful, honoured and humbled to have had the privilege to be the first to test this
beautiful wrap by CareRing Sling and we are looking excitedly forward to her launch. Massive
heartfelt congratulations to Afifah on her new product’s launch!

Photos credit to Munn and Faith Christian