CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom By Rivr Wee August 19, 2015 11:31

CareRing Sling’s First Woven Wrap
Pearly Blossom Tester
Fibre: 100% cotton
Width: 67cm
Length: 4.3m
Weight: about 270gm/m2
Wrappee: 16 months, 9kg

I felt honoured to be one of the testers for Singapore’s first woven wrap – Pearly Blossom by CareRing Sling. I can hardly describe that sense of pride when I see the care instruction tag for the first time. One of the lines read “Singapore” =)

My first impression when I saw Pearly Blossom’s pictures was: Oh wow, the jacquard weave design looks elegant! I liked that black lacy looking flower pattern and peach moroccan pattern!

And when Pearly Blossom first arrived, I was utterly fascinated by her because she really managed to look different on both sides and rails! Personally, I feel that wraps are not beginner friendly if it is hard to identity the one rail from the other. But Pearly Blossom will definitely a beginner friendly wrap since her two rails are in high contrast and 100% cotton meant that she is easy to care for.

The black flower pattern is darker on the reverse side. There is also a captivating shimmer to the peach moroccan pattern on the reverse side. Personally, I feel that when wrapping with the reverse side out, she is a perfect fit for formal or glamourous occasions. When wrapping with the right side out where the peach moroccan pattern is matt, she gives a less formal or casual feel. What I am trying to say here is that she is going to have different looks depending on which side/rail you wrap with. It is like owning one wrap with the looks of many!




I have some experience wrapping with machine wovens (e.g. Little Frog, Oscha, Tehkni, Didymos, Yaro, Fidella, etc.). All felt very different even when they are 100% cotton. I remembered some gave me a shock for being not airy/breathable, stiff and required much effort to break in even after the first wash.

Pearly Blossom felt nothing like any of the machine wovens I have wrapped with before! I was her second tester who was expecting her to be pretty stiff still. But when I first touched her, I can hardly wrap my head around how so blankety yet cooling to touch, so soft/floppy yet supportive, so new yet broken she can be at this early stage! Immediately, I pm-ed Afifah for her specifications and confirmed that Pearly Blossom IS indeed machine woven, 100% cotton and 270gm/m2.

Our first up with my 9kg toddler in FWCC felt awesome! That was the first time I finally understood what it meant by “a wrap that wraps herself”! So mouldable, she felt like second skin to me. Her passes glide effortlessly into place, yet she is not slippery and has the perfect amount of grip which did not budge or require retightening once in position. She has just the right amount of stretch which makes it easy to work out any slack. Being blankety did indeed translate into her being cushy. Yet, she is amazingly breathable, which is great for our hot and humid weather.

During her one-week stay with us, we tested her in single layer and multi-layer carries such as FWCC, FWCC TAS, FCC, CHCC, RTIF for varying durations of time up to 3 hours. I found all carries to be comfortable and not diggy on the shoulders. Pearly Blossom being so soft, supportive and cushy, I can imagine her to be perfect for newborn through toddlerhood even in single layer carries for extended periods of time. LO was so cosy and enjoyed numerous wrap naps in the sleepy dust loaded Pearly Blossom =) The only cons is that she is not here to stay with us =( Onward she must go, to spread the love of babywearing =)