CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom by Jasmine Seow September 16, 2015 12:39

I have seen the photos and reviews of Pearly Blossom, and was very excited when I was asked if I would be interested to host the wrap. In the 3years I am wrapping, I have tried many wraps from different countries and am really honored to have the opportunity to wrap with a woven by our very own Singaporean mama. First impressions: The color of the wrap is right up my alley. The peachy pink will look great on most Asian skin tone. I was not so sure about the black jacquard design on one side of the rail at first, just because I usually prefer light or bright colors. But I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty the contrast of the pink and black looked when wrapped. Having travelled for quite a bit, the wrap is already well broken in and feels soft and moldable. It felt medium thick in hand and has a fair amount of stretch.

Carry: Double Hammock Wearee: 1yo, 9kg I wrapped my boy in our go-to carry for a trip to the playground with my eldest. Though I can feel the texture of the pattern when I ran my hand through the wrap, it was not grippy at all and glided beautifully when I was making the second pass. I was able to achieve a high back pass with little effort. There is moderate amount of stretch so getting a neat and snug chest pass was easy too. The carry held well in a single knot throughout the 1 hour we were wearing. There was no need for readjusting and we were comfortable throughout the time we were chasing around after his sister at the playground. The density and weave of the wrap is suitable for outdoor wearing in our tropical weather. We weren’t overheated even though we were running around in the hot morning sun.

Carry: RRRR Wearee: 3yo, 14kg I always like to try a wrap with my eldest to determine if a wrap is supportive enough for me. So I put my girl up in Pearly Blossom for one of the carries in the 30 carries challenge that was happening in our local babywearing group. She was wiggling and bouncing up and down throughout the 15min we were wearing but the carry still felt comfortable enough on my shoulders. I could feel some of her weight on my shoulders but there wasn’t any painful strain. I wasn’t able to test it for a longer period of time as my girl asked to come down soon after. Conclusion: This is a value-for-money wrap, nice wrap qualities and beautiful design and I will recommend it for new wrappers as it is easy to handle, and the contrasting rails makes it easy to learn new carries. I personally prefer this wrap in a base size carry than a shorty carry. Overall, well done Afifah for producing this quality wrap and looking forward to more wraps by Careringsling!