CareRing Sling Rainbow Love by Alle Koh October 7, 2015 12:58

After seeing photos of the rainbow wrap from CareRing Sling, I am very excited and interested to try out our first Singapore made wrap.  my wish is fulfilled when Afifah puts me on the list of testers. When I first received the wrap, my first impression is the wrap is very thin and light. I love the wrap as it's very colourful and beautiful. I was wondering if it can hold my bubba who is 11kg well. 

Wrappee : 13 months and 11kg
Carry: Double Hammock I wrap my bubba at home for a good 20 mins.
it's so easy to make the passes with this wrap. It's very supportive and I can hardly feel the weight of my bubba. I don't feel warm wearing my bubba after 20 mins. I believe the thinness of the wrap is a factor to it. Although it's thin, it's very cushy on my picky shoulders. I love how supportive and airy this wrap is. I didn't perspire a single bit and that's very applauding for our Singapore weather. The only thing I hope is that the tails are not tapered as it makes it difficult for me to tie a sturdy knot.

Conclusion : I will highly recommend this wrap for its value for money quality. I am absolutely in love with its wrapping quality. Light, airy and supportive! This is a big milestone for our Singapore wrap industry. A wrap we can call our own!