West of the fourth Wrap Signature wrap by Sharh ZA October 16, 2015 10:18

I am so grateful and thankful for Afifah for this chance to get to try on this lovely wrap.

As I received, it's already soft in hand and if i wasn't be reminded, I won't guess it's a linen blend.. it's so soft and thin in hands too and I had 'that' impression of it could sag once I carry my 10kg girl. I love it's earthy colour.

I first tried on DoubleHammock and it scrap off my 1st impression. It has a beautiful amount of stretch, it glides smoothly on passes. It's a no-brainer wrap, so easy to manipulate. will be great for a beginner wrapper, imho.

It's mouldable and it wraps well. I don't feel 10kg baby on my back. Wore it for almost 2 hours for grocery shopping and it stay put despite of Sofea bouncing when her brother teased her. I have no problem or don't need any re-tie. As I wore it in mall, it's cause me no sweat at all. Cushy on my 

I had the chance of getting my 16kg boy in it at home for his meltdown time. But sorry, no picture here. Wrap him in a ruck tie in front with extra careful wrapping. We went up and down the stairs, out to our yard for laundry and he keeps jumping and bouncing on my back. It's magically supported him well. He wasn't sag and he stayed high on the back.

This is great for baby and toddler. The width is just nice for toddler and not too overwhelming for baby. We loved it so much. Nancy is surely has that magic hands to produce magic wrap!