CareRing Sling Rainbow Love by Dot Shuhaini October 16, 2015 12:20

This came to me in a size 5. Comparing it to Pearly Blossom, Rainbow Love is more airy and a tad bit more floofy. At first glance, looks a lot like a Handwoven with heart weave! The colors are pretty and pops up. Has some amount of grip due to the floating threads.

Rainbow love is easy to wrap with. It has just the right amount of diagonal stretch. Not too much, so it is suitable for newbies. Just the right amount of stretch means that tightening strand by strand is easy and because of the slight grip that it has, everything stays in place.

I tried this with my 8 mnths old niece (arnd 8-9kg) in a fwcc & dh and felt comfortable on the shoulders. No digginess. Then i tried it on my 9 year old (18kg) in a ruck with knotless finish. I tried with the big kid for about 10-15 mins and it was still ok for me. It didn't feel like the wrap was digging into my shoulder. It is a supportive wrap.

Rainbow love is a wrap that would be great to wrap your newborn in right until toddlerhood. It is a perfect entry level wrap; beautiful rainbow & looks like a handwoven! I would recommend getting this in your base size so that you can do a multilayer carry with toddlers.

Thanks CareRing Sling for the opportunity!!