CareRing Sling Woven Pearly Blossom by Jie Ying Koh October 22, 2015 22:05

Pearly Blossom Size 6

Wearer Experience - 2 years.

Wrap preference - Grippy wrap with a good amount of stretch. Prefer mid width to wider wraps. No preference to thick or thin wraps. Love HW and MW for various reasons. Favourite brands are Pavo and Bebesachi but has a secret love for Didymos Indios and recently Ninos.
Wrappee - 2.5 years old, almost 14kg

In a nutshell - This is a great beginner wrap with it's contrasting rails and budget friendly price (size 6 is $150 which is cheaper than most SSC brands). It glides well, does not have a lot of stretch, thin for our weather, soft out of the box, wraps very true to size. CareRing Sling have our SG babywearers in mind when designing this wrap. I will recommend this for new wearers looking for their first wrap. Experience wrappers with heavier babies will also enjoy this wrap as a multilayer carry. I hope with this wrap, there will be more babywearers wiling to take the plunge to start wrapping.

Detailed review

The design - When Afifah first showed me a sample, I fell in love with the Morroccan inspired design. I love the color combination of peach and black contrasting rails which I think will make the wrap looks like 2 different wraps depending on which rails are being wrapped on the top. There are no right or wrong side, one side is more shimmery while the other is more matte. The contrasting rails will also make it easier for new wearers to identify the top and bottom rails and make it less likely for them to twist the rails when wrapping. I have been hunting for a suitable and affordable wrap for my consultation and this wrap is exactly what I am looking for.

How it wraps - This wrap is quite densely woven and feels thin on hand. The density and it's thinness reminds me of my Vatanai Rubato which I love very much when I was a new wrapper. Though this is densely woven, it is not warm and very comfortable in our weather. It comes soft out of the box and will require no breaking in.
The passes glide effortlessly in a DH and the smoothness makes it easy to tighten the chest pass. There is a little stretch in this wrap, just the right amount for beginners. I am very used to wraps with a lot of stretch and would prefer more. However, most new wrapper will not be able to handle wraps that has a lot stretch.

How it feels when wrapped - I had this in DH and FCC on 4 separate occasions, ranging from 15 to 40 minutes each time. In a back carry, I will not call this wrap cushy but it's very comfortable, with no pressure point and not diggy at all. The ruck strap pleats nicely on my shoulders, so I guess that is what makes the wrap comfortable. During the period that I wore my child, I experience no sagging even though I was tying at taper end. The wrap is very easy to manipulate so this will be nice for people who want to try fancy finishes in back carry.
In FCC, I can feel some strain on my shoulders which is expected since my child is 14kg and no longer weightless in front carries for most wraps. If I need to carry for longer period in front carry, I will use FWCC with the rails spread out to help distribute the weight etter.

Who will I recommend this for - this is definitely a good buy for beginners. The 64cm width makes it easy to create seat for squish and toddler alike. The wrap comes with a simple tying instruction of FWCC which can help kick start your wrapping adventure. For the experience wrapper, you will like this as a beater wrap, a wrap for you to take to the park, the beach without fear of getting stains. For mothers with heavier babies, I will suggest getting this in base size for multiple layer carries.

Other notes - The taper of the wrap is slightly shorter (20 cm) than most of the wraps that I am familiar with (Pavo, Bebe Sachi, Didymos and Vatanai- most at 25cm or longer). This is not a deal breaker though I am more used to longer tapers simply because I am at the borderline size for using size 6 as a base size wrap, so the longer taper helps me to cheat and avoid buying size 7. The wrap was sold at 4.8m and measure 4.83m post wear and wraps true to size. I had to tie at taper end while most of my other wraps still have a few more cm of allowance - one of the didymos size 6 which I tried measure at around 4.94m. Therefore, if you are like me (being borderline of your base size), already tying at taper end for your other wraps, you might want to consider buying a size up.

Finally, I want to congratulate Nur Afifah Mokhtiaruddin for creating this wrap that I think will encourage more people to take up wrapping. I look forward to more of Carering Slings woven wraps.