CareRing Sling Rainbow Love by Audra November 7, 2015 17:42

Once again, thank you Afifah, Singapore's Homegrown woven wrap by CareRing Slings. We got

to try out the 4.3m Rainbow Love as well.

Upon receiving this tester, it was buttery soft and looks so much like a HW rather than a MW.

Little Princess set eyes on it and gave me a big big smile. With that, I guess it's UP time. Quick

up for milk! Please pardon the mess.

She was so comfy and felt weightless in DH while having her milk.

Look at the wonderful self pleating shoulder. Gorgeous.

Princess is now 20mths old, yes she has found her legs but she still very much prefers to be

wrap. Look at the sleepy dust. She was resisting a nap, so up she goes and voila.

Had to share this. Look at how beautiful this is.

I wasn't sure if I could pull off a FWCC with this thin airy wrap. But well, we were sending big

boy to school so here goes and wow. I don't feel her weight pulling me down at all and I could

tie off with a double know behind me.


This is so airy, it's easy to just use it anywhere. Morning runs to school. Marketing. The stretch

on the wrap makes it easy to bandage her and tighten easily. Yet provides great support even

on a knot less carry. So glam in a wet market!

I thought I don't need 1 of this since I got a shorty for my helper. But arrrggghhh someone

please buy my wraps. I need 1!

Definitely a wrap that is squish worthy and aaaawwweesome for toddlers. Little boy been

carried by helper alot lately as Princess been glued to me for ups with Rainbow Love. See that

face so comfy stick on my back.


AWESOME AWESOME this wrap is beautiful in every carry! Even in a FCC it is effortless.

Alright, mummy isn't too happy because this little bubba has snuck both his arms out to started

to be a wrap popper. Featherlight in here. So lesser wrap time for him. Signing off with all 3