Manduca Extender



While the Manduca carrier can support up to 20kg and can be used with a child as old as 4 years old, many users finds that it gets less comfortable for the child when much of their thighs starts sticking out of the carrier.

With the Manduca ExTend carrier seat extender, Manduca carrier users can now have the options to extend the carrier seat size by about 5 to 18cm depending on their needs and height of their child. 

You can now carry your older children comfortably in the M-Position when using your Manduca Carrier even when they are 4 or even 5 years old! 

The Manduca ExTend carrier seat extender is recommended for toddler from about 18 months and older.




Recommended Age About 18 months (depends on child size & height)
Material 100% organic cotton.
Color Black
Features & Benefits
100% Organic Cotton Soft and comfortable for baby to sit on
One size fits all design Designed to fit the Manduca carrier.




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