Manduca Size-it




Use it as an alternative or in combination with the infant seat. With the Manduca Size-It, you can infinitely adjust the size of manduca’s seat and achieve a well-cushioned, perfect fit in one quick and simple step. Just as you like it.

You then have your baby in the smaller manduca and can carry him or her comfortably in the M-Position!

The Manduca Size It carrier seat reducer can be used to customize your carrier for even greater comfort for your child.
Insert the Manduca Size It through the elastic bands used for keeping your infant seat
Pull the straps to buckle up infront of your carrier close to the hip belt.
Tighten the straps one side at a time.
Tighten the straps one side at a time until the carrier seat is the size you desire.
Put your baby into the carrier and check that the seat is just right for your baby from knee to knee








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