Wrapping Tutorial

We recommend that you arrange a consultation session with us for better assist your wrapping experience. CareRing Sling is a trained babywearing consultant from The School of Babywearing Uk and Die Trageschule Dresden, Foundation, Advanced and Certification.

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These pictures are meant to demonstrate only, ensure that you are aware of all the safety aspects of babywearing. Ensure that you have spotter (assistance) by your side. Practise with a doll to familiarise yourself before putting in your baby.  


4.2m Rainbow Love wrap
Dark blue sky ring sling by West of the fourth weaving
Ruck Sack
4.2m Rainbow Love wrap 
3.8m Rainbow Love Wrap
3m Evening Mist, west of fourth wrap, **I would recommend longer wrap for this one, so that you can do double knot on the shoulder