Handwoven by The West of 4th Weaving

As a young child I remember the jubilant throwing of small bits of Confetti. Those small bits of coloured paper seemed to hang in the air creating quite the spectacle. Then after that moment of celebration you look at the floor and see all of those specks of colour creating a beautiful and totally random display of colour. Lets not discuss the clean up that lead to all those signs that said “No Confetti” on so many doors to halls and churches.
We say its time to celebrate and what better way to do it than everyone throwing a handful of Confetti and making those beautiful and random patterns of colour!
That is exactly what Nancy did while designing and warping this one! She threw random colours in and when that colour ran out she threw another colour in and yes it was totally random! Confetti is a celebration of colour! Confetti is a celebration of new beginnings! A celebration, complete with Confetti, will forever be in our hearts so Nancy designed this wrap to do just that…. To celebrate!


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