Handwoven by The West of 4th Weaving

Elements - Earth The connection to the Earth has always been a calming force for Nancy. Nancy connects to the Earth through gardening to grow the food we enjoy. After a long day, Nancy will stand with bare feet on the ground, visualize that roots are coming from her feet and penetrating the earth like the roots of a tree. Nancy will allow all of the energy collected during the day to return back to the Earth. She opens herself to receive the life giving energy that the Earth has to offer. Nancy will meditate and renew herself and her connection to the Earth. Nancy’s designed this wrap to show her love and respect to the Earth and to share that with everyone. Nancy hopes that her Earth wrap will keep you grounded with your little one and that it will help bring the calming and nurturing influences that the earth brings her. Nancy has designed the Earth wrap after the strata layers of the earth. The majority of the wrap has "layers" of earth of different colours. Once side is a pinstriped blend of colour... almost looks like a rototiller has come along and mixed those colours up readying the ground for that first spring planting. This Earth wrap is ready to see that little seed that you planted turn into the tender little seedling and help that little seedling turn into the mighty and strong tree that can change to world.

These are Pre-Order items, allow 2 weeks of process. 
Available in Ring Sling, 3m and 4.6m 
Email us at if you would like to have other sizes

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