Handwoven by The West of 4th Weaving

The passion for weaving burns like Fire in Nancy’s heart. Fire is the element of passion, of energy, of light, and of heat. Fire transforms one thing into another and in the process releases the stored up energy it contains. With the passion that is Fire anything is possible. Fire can be contained and controlled but can also be wild and unpredictable. The secret to Fire is to know when to control and contain and when to let it be unpredictable. Fire brings transformation from one form to another. Nancy has experienced transformation from being a weaver to being an expectant mom. Nancy has guided her weaving studio in a transformational change. Fire is the element that Nancy has embraced for this year and everything will be transformed from what was to what will be. Nancy has designed the Fire wrap with the pinstriped edge containing all of the colours of Fire, this edge is indicative of all the Elements wraps. From this pinstriped edge there is a gentle graduated transition from the soft yellows of the Fire and builds to the hot and passionate oranges and reds

These are Pre-Order items, allow 2 weeks of process. 
Available in Ring Sling, 3m and 4.6m 
Email us at if you would like to have other sizes

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