Morning Mist


✦ Morning Mist ✦

Features a grad colour transition from Light Green through Turquoise to Peacock Blue and a natural weft.

Accessible Collection.
Nancy dreams of a world were everyone can hold their babies close. Where parents and care givers can choose how they care for their little ones. Nancy wanted to ensure that if people wanted to wear their little ones that they can.
She has designed her Accessible Collection of West 4th Wraps to do just that. Nancy wanted a wrap that was easy to wrap with that was soft for a new born and strong for a toddler. She wanted a wrap that was available for everyone that made wearing your little one easy. With those ideas Nancy planned and designed her Accessible Collection.

Each wrap in our Accessible Collection is 100% cotton and has a hand threaded folded thread middle marker and rails with our " barley there" hemmed rail.



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