From the picture, Nancy (left) is wearing "New Beginnings" which has a natural cotton weft and Natassia (right) is wearing "Blue Beginnings" which has a blue weft.

Rainbows hold special meanings for us. A rainbow is the most basic reduction of pure light into it's components in perfect harmony and balance producing a spectacle of supernatural beauty, promise and enlightenment. The rainbow is believe to be a bridge from this world to the next. The rainbow is a sign of love of hope and of promise. A rainbow appears when the sun comes out after a storm. A rainbow is the sign of a "New Beginning"

"Beginnings" is a vibrant rainbow and is Nancy's newest design in our Accessible line of wraps. Beginnings is a classic rainbow with Red on one rail leading to a vibrant Yellow and Orange followed by Green and Blue in the middle of the wrap then followed by Indigo and then Violet on the other rail.

Nancy has selected two weft choices to compliment the vibrant colours she selected for the warp. The natural weft of "New Beginnings" gives a soft look where the blue weft of "Blue Beginnings" showcases the vibrant and intense colours of this rainbow.

Beginnings is available in 100% cotton that is kitten belly soft and pliable right out of the box. Our Accessible wraps are a great wrap for new wrappers and experienced wrappers alike. Our Accessible wraps feel like hand woven and wrap like a handwoven wrap so much that people are always saying "I can't believe it's not handwoven!"



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