Handwoven by The West of 4th Weaving

Water is the key to life! Water is fluid and dynamic. Water shapes and changes the world that we live in. The rocks in the mountains are no match for the power of the water. The mountains are changed, valleys are forged, and rivers are created bringing life to everywhere the river travels. Water is so important that each and every creature in this world starts out living in a watery environment before the birthing process brings breath to tiny lungs for the first time. Water can be shaped, formed, transformed from one thing to another. Water takes the shape of the vessel it is in. Water is fluid and changes to its situation and its surroundings. Water is life!
Nancy has been inspired by how water can change and adapt to any situation, it can not be stopped, you may be able to change its course or delay its journey but Water will always reach its destination. Water will always flow! Inspired by Water, Nancy designed the next wrap in the Elements Series, to show the beautiful colours in water, the rich turquoises, aqua greens, blues and have been inspired by series of waves building in the deep waters and then turning into waters with white caps where the waves meet the shore. Nancy has also included a pinstriped section incorporating all the colours of water on one edge of the wrap. 

These are Pre-Order items, allow 2 weeks of process. 
Available in Ring Sling, 3m and 4.6m 
Email us at sales@careringsling.com if you would like to have other sizes

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