Handwoven by The West of 4th Weaving

The Wind helps to shape the world we live in. The Wind helps to round the tops of mountains creating hills, Wind helps the waves reach the shore. Wind has been used for energy to propel ships, to turn millstones, to dry clothes and the food we want to preserve. Wind beneath the wings of birds helps them fly. Wind is the element that brings change. Wind gives the freedom of movement by filling a simple clothe and making it sail. Wind is the inspiration that holds up the wing. You can not see Wind but you sure can feel it and see its changing effects. Wind is the force that brings the future! Wind is also a calming element. A light breeze on a summer day soothes the soul. A light wind will soon help rock a crib and lead to a little one flying a kite. The wind not only shapes our world, but our family, our memories, and our lives. The Wind has inspired Nancy to design this colour way to represent the change that Wind brings. One edge is pinstriped with all of the colours of the Wind. This turmoil of colour leads to the subtle naturals with a graduated transition from natural through light blues to a light but bright blue of the high sky

These are Pre-Order items, allow 2 weeks of process. 

Available in Ring Sling, 3m and 4.6m 
Email us at if you would like to have other sizes

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