Wrap Conversion Ring Sling Slot


CareRing Sling has been making ring slings for more than 6 years. We are now offering wrap conversions service.
Woven wraps and rings are to be provided by customers. $30 for one wrap conversion ring sling (WCRS)

We are able to make these types of shoulders:

1) Pleated shoulder

2) Gathered shoulder

3) Eesti shoulder

4) Floating gathered shoulder (Extra 10")

5) Floating Eesti shoulder (Extra 10")

See the variation here 

Woven wrap sizes that you will need :

Size S : 1.8m before conversion
Size M : 2m before conversion
Size L : 2.2m before conversion

Purchase a slot with us now! and we will provide your further instructions on how to send the woven wraps to us, and a form link will be provided for you to complete. 

Terms and Conditions

- Hemming the shorty piece will be additional 5 SGD
- We will not work on wraps that are; damaged, thread shifted, stained or wrap with extreme pulls.
- Damaged wrap will be returned to the sender via Courier and refund will be given after offsetting the delivery fees
- If you are sending the wraps from BST, we are not responsible for any stains, pulls or flaws
- Conversion will take at least 5 working days AFTER the wraps have reached us.
- We are not responsible for any lost of parcel during the delivery processes
- We do not work on wraps with no identity or indication
- We do not accept wraps that are not meant for conversion
- We will ignore forms that are not complete, do double checks before submitting.
- Please attach a note (NAME, WRAP BRAND, CONTACT NUMBER) together with the wrap parcel.
- We only accept mailings with registered numbers.
- For couriers, please arrange delivery on every THURSDAY or FRIDAY. Afternoon Slot (12-5pm)